Doctor Melody


Margaret T, CA

I felt very at ease and comfortable with Dr. Melody. She, was very professional. I met her for a consultation and she spent 30 minutes on the pro's and cons of the surgery I needed. Her office staff was very polite and got on top of it, they called and sent for authorization's for access skin removal around the lower region after a 107 lbs weight loss and a bust reduction for other health reason's. The office staff was in contact with me on a daily basis. If I had any question's they would answer them and return my call's. She never spoke once about the cost. As for billing, I received one and the insurance paid and it was not $450.00 remember that a consultation cost you. As for some of you Plastic Surgeon's out there asking for money up front you know who you are. I had the excess skin removed and she did a wonderful job. As for the derogatory remark, it is not true. She is very professional. I had surgery 3 week's ago. I am in recovery and feel great. She is awesome and care's about you as a person. Her bed side manner is awesome. I would refer her to other's. Dr. MELODY IS AWESOME.         


San Jose, CA

I'll never forget the day I met Dr. Lynd; I was referred to her by primary care physician as a "plastic surgery nightmare patient" after having a disastrous breast reduction performed by a surgeon abroad, which left me with asymmetrical breast, with half of the areola on the right breast and a deformed areola on the left. Open wounds all over my breast at the verge of an infection, thick and uneven scars and severely bruised breast. My Physician personally called Dr. Lynd, who agreed to see me as soon as she learned about my case. I came to her office that same afternoon in January of 2009; I was in tears, devastated, in lots of pain and depressed. "I thought having all the scars and deformities, would put an abrupt end to my social life. If a man saw my breast, the wounds or the scars, I thought he'd run to the nearest door."I had very little hope, I was afraid and I just wanted my open wounds to heal, to have decent looking breast, but always wonder if I would ever be able to heal inside and recover my self-confidence? All my fears came to and end just a few minutes after talking to Dr. Lynd, she gave me her honest opinion, she worked with me on what I wanted and what she thought would be best. She was so careful and precise about making everything perfect, that I never had a question in my mind that she was the right Dr. for me. She was extremely nice & made me feel safe; which was imperative after my first experience. I take this opportunity to "Thank Dr. Melody Lynd and her staff" for giving me a new perspective on life. I was fortunate having her as my surgeon. Dr. Lynd is distinctively gifted with the hands of a Goddess and has superior medical competence. She listens, is compassionate and honest! She answered all my questions during my consultations, pre-op and post-up and took care of the authorization process from my insurance from beginning to end, in a timely manner, and did not settle for anything less than an approval and kept me informed during the process. Only two weeks after my breast reduction revision, I never thought I would be as happy as I am now. I feel great and my breast look wonderful. The day of my post-op, I left her office with tears of joy. My scars were nothing like I imagine them to be. In fact, my scars are so minimal that I couldn't believe it! No one would ever guess what my breast have been through and the surgery results cant be described as anything short of MIRACULOUS! I can't thank Dr. Melody Lynd enough for her patience, her talent dedication and sincerity she provided for me as her patient. The confidence and motivation I've gained in myself is unreal.         


William C., San Jose, CA

I had some work done with her. She is very nice and takes her time with you. She has no problem taking the time to talk to you regarding the services you want. I did have two procedures done with her, she did a great job and the follow up visits are great. She's kind and a very caring doctor. She's willing to go the extra mile with you. Her patients come first. The only thing that I wish she did better wa to have before and after pictures of her work. I would have liked to see some of her work. She's great and I would recommend her.